Resources on Marx’s Class Theory

Hello everyone,

As you may know, I’ve written some pretty in-depth analyses of Marx’s views about specific social classes [proletariat; bourgeoisie; landowner class; middle classes, petty-bourgeoisie & peasantry; surplus population & lumpenproletariat]. While I plan to write an ultimate part about Marx’s “general” conception of class, his “general” “class theory” (that is, from what we’re able to reconstruct, given that there aren’t any definitive works by Marx himself outlining such a theory…), I needed/wanted to take a break. What’s more, right now I’m reading various more contemporary writings on class, and some will definitely help me for reconstructing Marx’s perspective on this topic.

Throughout the last months, during which I researched this topic/issue, I obviously have read quite a lot of articles and analyses, and here are some of the best…

On Marx’s overall ‘class theory’:


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